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Biogas H2S Dry Media Scrubber

H2S Dry Media Scrubber

h2s dry media scrubber SupermixDry media scrubbers are particularly effective on sites with a low to medium flow and H2S content. Dry media absorbs hydrogen sulphide from raw biogas by facilitating a chemical reaction in the scrubber tank. We have several dry media options, with various properties, to achieve an acceptable level of H2S that will enable the CHP engine to operate efficiently. The tank size is carefully calculated to function for a specific time period or to achieve the maximum possible media life span, before it needs replacing.

•    UK manufactured design
•    Cleaner less corrosive gas
•    Increased engine life
•    Small footprint
•    Reduced engine downtime for maintenance
•    Dry or wet biogas can be treated
•    Instant start up after plant shutdowns

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